Discover Colombia - CO-PNA03

Duration: 14 Days

Bogotá palpitates to the rhythm of the most dynamic cities. Bogotá, formerly named Bacatá, capital of the Muisca people, is the ideal destination to enjoy this program designed to be delighted by the culture and the environment of the city and its surroundings
Santa Fe de Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is also the geographical center of the country.

it is the most populous city of the region of the Coffee, has over 500,000 inhabitants and forms the western metropolitan center

The Manizales fair is renowned nationally and internationally for its bullfighting season, which is considered “the origin ... of the bullfighting tradition in Colombia and America

due to the beauty of its women, the warmth and friendliness of its people, the year-round spring-like weather, and its gorgeous flowers and mountains, Medellín attracts like a magnet. As a city with a great gastronomic, commercial and tourist offer, it provides countless opportunities for leisure vacations and business.

Colombia’s second most important city, Medellin, rises in the center of a valley and covers part of the mountains that surround it. The landscape evokes the drive of the colonists who toiled their way through a rugged topography and whose descendants founded this large industrial, ever-thriving city of hard-working, persevering people.

in the department of Magdalena, just 34 km from the lovely city of Santa Marta, lies the Tayrona National Park – a sanctuary of nature and archaeological remains that invite an encounter with oneself. Mangrove swamps, corals, algae prairies, thorny scrubland, and magical dry, humid, and cloud forests proliferate and are home to a surprising variety of vegetal and animal species that bear witness to life.

is a fantastic city that guards the secrets of history in its walls, balconies, buildings and narrow cobbled streets.
The charm of the walled city.
La magic of Cartagena lies in its massive fortifications, the warmth of the people, the richness of the architecture and the infinite range of cultural expression of a doughty and valiant people.