8 Day Coral I & Coral II Tour Including 4 Night Cruise-B

Duration: 8 Days

Opportunity for whale-watching from Moreno Point to Elizabeth Bay, and from Tagus Cove to Espinosa Point.

Fernandina Island is the youngest island of the Galapagos and offers beautiful volcanic landscapes; it is probably the only island in the world completely free of introduced species.

Espinosa Point offers a nice walk with the largest marine iguana of the Galapagos, a sea lion colony and tidal pools.

Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island is one of the few inhabited areas of the Galapagos; visit Sierra Negra and a giant tortoise breeding center, with a chance to see flamingos at a lagoon in town.

Opportunity to spend time with Galapagueños and learn about life in the Islands.

Tagus Cove offers a visit to Darwin Lake with a medium intensity walk. Great place for deep-water snorkeling with sea turtles and penguins, as well as a dinghy ride to observe sea birds.

Humedales in Puerto Villamil are the best sites in the entire archipelago to observe migratory birds to possibly find more than 20 species in a single spot.

Punta Moreno has a panoramic view of three volcanoes, the most active of the Galapagos: Sierra Negra, Cerro Azul of Isabela Island and La Cumbre of Fernandina Island.