Duration: 5 Days


Experience firsthand a historic chapter in Cuban history.
Travel to Cuba now! Join us on our historic Hello Havana people to people tour series featuring accommodations at the majestic Hotel Nacional.  Say Hello to Havana in style! This People to People program highlights Havana's allure, history, culture and cuisine. Join the large number of personalities that have, since the 1930's, been amongst Hotel Nacional's prestigious guest list.
For over 80 years Hotel Nacional has been a symbol of history, culture and Cuban identity. Returning guests rave about Hotel Nacional iconic vibe and authentic Old Havana glory.

Tour Hemingway's trail, experience El Canonazo ceremony, visit Vinales Valley and enjoy Havana's top evening event, El Cabaret Parisien at Hotel Nacional.  Enjoy unforgettable accommodations in Havana and top guides that make each day special.Small groups, never more than 25 members.
A rare opportunity at a truly affordable price.
Book fast, space is limited!